air conditioner recharge special

Air Conditioner Recharge Special for $99.00!

No one wants to be caught in the heat without a working air conditioner. A properly working A/C unit is a must in Nebraska. Our technicians will ensure A/C systems are working correctly by checking for leaks and recharging systems with up to one pound of Freon. Our A/C Recharge Special is $99.00 but is only valid for a limited time, so call today to schedule your appointment!

What is Included in Air Conditioner Recharge Special

  • Evaluation of A/C system operation
  • A check for leaks
  • System recharge with up to one pound of freon
  • A/C system recheck for dye leaks

How an Air Conditioner Works

The A/C system in your truck or equipment uses a refrigerant, which is typically Freon, to remove heat from the cabin of your vehicle. The Freon is compressed and cooled in the evaporator, then goes through an expansion valve where it becomes low pressure and cold. It then circulates through the coils in the dash of your truck or equipment, and the heat is absorbed into the Freon. Finally, the Freon goes back to the compressor where it becomes high pressure and hot again, and the cycle starts over.

Over time, the Freon in your A/C system will leak out. When this happens, your A/C system will not be able to remove the heat from the cabin of your vehicle, and it will not cool as well. Our A/C Recharge Special includes a check for leaks, and if we find any, we will repair them. We will then recharge your system with up to one pound of Freon.

How Often Should I Get an Air Conditioner Recharge

With the mixed climate of Nebraska, you’re probably not running your A/C constantly. In most cases, you can expect a recharge to last at least three years. However, if you notice that your A/C is not blowing enough cool air, only blowing warm air, or the defrost isn’t working, then it is time to get a recharge.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If it’s been a few years since your last A/C recharge or you’re having any issues with your system, call us today to schedule an appointment. Our A/C Recharge Special is only $99.00 and is valid for a limited time. We look forward to keeping you cool all summer long!

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