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Brooms for Sale

Global Environmental Products

  • Global M4 ZE-Series Street Sweeper
  • Global V6Air
  • Global R4Air – Regenerative Air Street Sweeper
  • Global R3Air – 3-Wheel Regenerative Air Z Street Sweeper
  • Global M4 Heavy Duty Street Sweeper
  • Global M3 3-Wheel Street Sweeper – Available in NEW and USED


  • LeeBoy RB50 Self Propelled Broom – Available in NEW and USED
  • LeeBoy SweepPro II Self Propelled Broom


Importance of Brooms

Brooms are a crucial part of clean-up operations for many industries. Not every broom is used for the same purpose, so you must consider the different styles and bristles. If you’re not sure what broom will best fit your needs, here is a description of the two most common styles of brooms.


Styles of Brooms

Angle Brooms

As you can assume, the angle broom operates at an angle either to the left or right and pushes material off the surface and away from the equipment. It’s important to note that angle brooms do not capture the material that it sweeps and won’t be a good option for controlling dust.

  • Example of Angle Broom Jobs
    • Snow removal 
    • Sweeping dirt, leaves, and other debris away from shoulders and roadways

Pick-Up Brooms or Collector Brooms

A pick-up broom operates to collect material and debris by using a bucket attached underneath. This type of broom would be a good option for projects that can’t sweep material off to the side or create airborne debris. In most construction settings, a pick-up broom will generally be more suitable for the job rather than an angle broom. Another benefit to the pick-up brooms is that they can often operate in forward or reverse direction. 

  • Examples of Pick-Up Broom or Collector Broom Jobs
    • Construction sites
    • Residential neighborhoods
    • Areas where environmental laws require the suppression of dust and debris
    • Heavier debris


Operating Tips

Before you use your broom, here are some expert tips to keep in mind.

  • Only use brooms on compatible loaders
  • Use the proper downforce to protect the bristles and surface
  • Know your path to avoid damage
  • Let the sweeper broom warm up
  • Be aware of the motor’s location
  • Sweep with the wind whenever possible
  • Reduce machine ground speed when sweeping on a rough surface
  • Don’t change the rotation direction of the broom without allowing the broom to come to a complete stop first
  • Check regularly for general wear and tear
  • Place brooms on blocks or storage stands to avoid putting excess weight on the brush when storing


Closing Thoughts

Rose Equipment has been selling new, used, and rental equipment since 1970. From construction to municipalities, we are happy to supply you with the best heavy equipment in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. For questions about our Broom Promo or other equipment, please contact us!

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