pothole repair

If you’re from Nebraska, there’s probably nothing you despise more than hitting a pothole in the spring! Potholes typically form because the road expands and contracts after freezing and unthawing. Once the top layer of the road is stripped, the surface will begin to crack, which allows water to get in. As water gathers and freezes inside these cracks, it lessens the strength and stability of the road, which makes it no longer able to withstand the weight of a vehicle. Once a car rolls over a weak patch, the asphalt collapses and creates a pothole. You’ll notice more potholes in the spring as the ground unthaws and the pavement contracts. 

Now you’ve probably noticed that some potholes get patched, but it seems like they will appear again within a few days. How can you ensure that your pothole patchwork serves as a long-term solution? The first place to start is with the right equipment. At Rose, we offer a variety of specialty pothole repair machinery. Here’s the top-of-the-line patching equipment that we sell and service…


Pothole Repair Equipment

LeeBoy: RA-400

      • The ultimate output of the RA-400, which is capable of correcting over 200 road defects in a single day by a single individual, has been deployed by contractors looking to maximize productivity while finding a cost-effective patching solution. The driver-operated joystick performs a four-step spray injection process typically in less than one minute per repair. 
        • Key Features
          • One man operation
          • Wide, easy loading rockhopper
          • Patch-on-the-go system
          • Computerized material application rate control

KM International: KM 8000T – 4 Ton Asphalt Hotbox Trailer

    • The KM 8000T is a 4-ton, trailer-mounted asphalt hotbox reclaimer capable of maintaining asphalt temperatures for up to three days, and it can reclaim excess or bulk-stored hot mix asphalt. The KM 8000T asphalt hotbox trailer is the perfect unit for larger repairs such as saw cuts, skin patching, and utility cut repairs.
      • ​​Key Features
        • Heat retention
        • Temperature control
        • Cost savings
        • Low maintenance
        • Ease of use
        • Diesel or propane fired
        • 52” dump feature

Cimline: ME3 Mastic Melter Machine

  • The ME3 Mastic Melter Machine was produced to be a dependable and safe piece of equipment for operators to be able to apply mastic repairs to asphalt roadways and parking lots. It has a much higher capacity and productivity level than alternative options. The Cimline ME3 is a great choice as it’s built to be sturdy and simple to use. 
    • Key Features
      • Large 350-gallon tank
      • Complete-sweep agitator and extruder
      • Easy to use controls
      • Heavy-duty welded steel frame with a low center of gravity
      • Primed and painted with high visibility green automotive paint

Cimline: P2 Two-Person Patcher with DuraPatcher Technology

    • Patch in almost any weather condition and eliminate labor-intensive, poor-performing patches with the DuraPatcher 4-step process. It’s a low-maintenance machine, but it delivers hi-performance. 
      • Key Features
        • Lowest cost per patch with as little as 2-person crew and lower material costs
        • Maximizes your budget by never having to patch the same pothole twice
        • Faster and simpler patching process with our pothole patching machine that limits public disruption

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to repairing potholes this spring, we’ve got the equipment to help you do it right and do it once. Reach out to us at Rose Equipment in Lincoln, NE to learn more about these patching products and how to use them effectively. Give us a call at 402-467-5988 or visit us at 8055 Fletcher Ave Lincoln, NE 68507!

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