Pacific Tek has manufactured industry-best, made-in-the-USA, clean-up and excavation vacuums for the rehabilitation, construction, and utility industries since 1993. Highly customizable, Pacific Tek allows customers to select various options ranging from Debris Tank Volume to Skid or Trailer mounting options.

We love providing our loyal customers with high-quality, made-in-the-USA products that we believe in and trust! That is why Rose Equipment is proud to carry Pacific Tek Machines on our lot. We are highlighting this fully-optioned PV500 Vacuum Excavator that you can come to check out on our lot today!

Pacific Tek PV500

The “PV500” means that this is the Power Vac 500 Gallon excavator, equipped with a 200 Gallon water tank. The Pacific Tek Power Vacs are also equipped with DOT-Approved LED Traffic Director, Diesel Motor, Telescoping Boom for ease of use, Tool Box, and more! While the Pacific Tek Power Vacs can be mounted to a truck bed, this model is one made to be towed via a trailer hitch. This means you do not need an expensive flat-bed heavy-duty work truck, as this can be pulled by any truck with a high enough towing capacity. This makes this the ideal Power Vac for both small and large operations.  

The PV500 is a very versatile machine. Some examples of applications for the Power Vac include:

  • Potholing
  • Keyholing
  • Street Repair
  • Clean Up After Emergency Rehabilitation
  • Storm Drain Cleanout
  • Mulch and Gravel Removal
  • Wastewater and Soil Removal



This Pacific Tek Power Vac won’t sit on our lot long, so make sure to check it out before it’s gone!! Come on out today and check out the PV500 as well as the other incredible new and used machines on our lot! For availability, call us at 402-467-5988.