LeeBoy is the premier manufacturer of American-made road-paving equipment and is committed to providing dependable and industry-best equipment solutions for your road-maintenance needs. Here at Rose Equipment, in Lincoln, Nebraska, we are proud to be Nebraska’s ONLY LeeBoy dealer! We believe in their products and are excited to introduce you to some of the LeeBoy machinery on our lot!


L300 Tack Distributor

 The L300 Tack Distributor is perfect for the all-inclusive commercial paving contractor and provides a perfectly sized tank for small to large projects including parking lots, patching, driveways, or soil stabilization.  Daily tasks can be completed with ease by relying on the ultra-reliable Honda-powered engine and the proven reliable user-friendly design.  Uniquely configurable, the customizable options give the contractor the ability to create a solution specific to their exact needs.


RA-400 Patcher

The RA-400 is capable of correcting over 200 road defects in a single day by a single individual. This truck is typically deployed by contractors looking to maximize productivity while finding a cost-effective patching solution. The driver-operated joystick performs a four-step spray injection process typically taking less than one minute per repair. Including one of the largest emulsion tanks available in the market, the RA-400 patching boom extends and retracts providing a wide patching range with minimal required maintenance.


Maximizer 3B Asphalt Distributor

With a larger fully circulating extending spray bar, the Rosco Maximizer 3B has the ability to cover a wide area in an extremely efficient manner. Admired by contractors and municipalities alike, this trusted machine always delivers an accurately consistent end result. With the aid of a large color display, operators can monitor vitals, oversee the variable width and rate control or engage the enviro-flush clean-out system, among others. The Maximizer 3B is a highly versatile piece of equipment designed with the end-user in mind.


SweepPro II Self-Propelled Broom

The broom for professionals, the SweepPro II offers many advantages linked to simple operation and superior sweeping action. The multifunctional joystick control lever combined with fingertip controls provides precise movement during operation. The standard configuration features wrap-around windows that give the operator remarkable visibility while residing in the comfortable fully-enclosed cab. Requiring only one person, the quick-change core system permits the replacement of a brush in minutes, limiting downtime.



These are just a few (we offer more than a dozen!) LeeBoy machines we sell here at Rose Equipment. For availability, call us at 402-467-5988.