Here at Rose Equipment, we are proud to be Nebraska’s ONLY Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group dealer. Cimline is a leading innovator in the pavement maintenance equipment industry. Over their 50 years of experience, they have created some of the quietest and safest road pavement equipment in the industry. In 2021, Rose Equipment was recognized by the company for our leading sales performance of Cimline Products. Here are just a few of the Cimline pavement maintenance machines we offer.


M-Series™ Crack Sealer Machines

The Cimline M-Series sets the gold standard for pavement crack sealers. M-Series range from 150 to 410 gallons of material capacity. All of the M-Series machines feature industry-low load height which improves operator safety. The M-Series machines also come equipped with Cimline’s new lightweight, heated, and ergonomic wand to ensure you can finish your road sealing project fatigue-free. Most importantly, each of the M-Series machines is equipped with a diesel engine that is both environmentally friendly and has great fuel efficiency.


M-Series M1 Melter

Not every asphalt crack sealing project requires the largest machinery. For those smaller projects, the M1 Melter is perfect! It is lightweight enough to be towed by a half-ton truck and can do 3 to 4 lane miles of work a day. The M1’s material capacity of 150 gallons combined with its fuel-efficient 19hp diesel engine make it Cimline’s most popular asphalt crack sealer. 


M-Series M2 Melter

Have bigger projects? Then the M2 Melter is perfect for you! The M2 has an average daily production of 5-7 lane miles. This combined with its 230-gallon material capacity makes it perfect for larger projects. Powered by the same 19hp diesel engine as the M1, the M2 maintains the same level of excellent fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness as the M1.


ME3™ Mastic Melter Machine

For the largest projects, the best machine for the job is the Cimline ME3. Made in the USA, equipped with a 350-gallon material tank and 340,000 BTU Diesel Burner, and heated chute to make sure the material is delivered smoothly and efficiently, the ME3 has all of the bells and whistles for your next road maintenance project. The ME3 is also equipped with a heated toolbox and overnight heating blanket to ensure ultimate productivity even on the coldest of mornings.



Cimline’s motto is “Innovation in Preservation”, and we are proud to be Nebraska’s only Cimline Dealer. Come check out all of the Cimline machines on our lot today! For availability, call us at 402-467-5988.