winter sale

Is your fleet ready for winter? Whether you’ll be storing your equipment or operating it during the colder months, it’s crucial that you get your equipment serviced for the winter. With that in mind, Rose Equipment is offering an unbeatable winterization sale and sharing some wise tips for preparing your equipment for the cold. 


Winter Sale — $97.97 (Sale Ends on December 31, 2021)

To winterize your equipment, we’ll do a thorough inspection of your machine. If there’s damage or flaws, maintenance and repairs may be necessary. Otherwise, if the equipment is in good condition, we’ll perform the following steps:

  • Full overall inspection
  • Drain all water systems
  • Check and fill anti-freeze
  • Test engine coolant
  • Add a diesel fuel treatment
  • Test battery and cold crank amp
  • Check tire PSI and tread
  • Check hydraulic levels


Tips to Prepare Your Heavy Equipment for Winter

Don’t let winter stop you in your tracks. To make sure that your equipment starts every time you want it to, we recommend preparing your machines by following these tips:

  • Before it’s too cold, install the correct lubricants and check the condition of hydraulic hoses.
  • Drain all water tanks.
  • Keep batteries fully charged and warm.
  • Use block heaters.
  • Treat fuel with additives. 
  • Run the engine until it reaches operating temperature.
  • Check your tire PSI.
  • Always fill the fuel tank at the end of each day.
  • Store equipment inside and keep fluids at room temperature.
  • Conduct a daily visual inspection.


Step-By-Step Instructions

Each piece of equipment is a little different when it comes to winterizing. Here are the step-by-step instructions for winterizing the Global M3 & M4, AquaTech, and O’Brien Jetters.

Click each link to open:


Closing Thoughts

Rose Equipment operates year-round in one of the coldest climates that you’ll find in the US. With being around for over five decades, we know how to keep equipment in good shape and prepare it for the tough winter season ahead. In addition to service and repairs, we proudly serve construction and municipal projects with dependable new, used, and rented equipment in Nebraska and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in our winter sale or equipment, please call us today at 402-467-5988!