Global R3Air – 3-Wheel Regenerative Air Z Street Sweeper – Our Global “R” purpose-built line of street sweepers offer a unique perspective on street sweeping. All Regenerative-Air type Street sweepers currently on the market feature a chassis such as Peterbuilt, Freightliner or Isuzu. The sweeper itself is mounted on the frame of the chassis and an additional engine designed to run the fan and the sweeping components. Due to the inherited design, these sweepers don’t have a good turning radius, don’t fit in any downtown areas and cul-de-sacs, and are usually very expensive. Our Global R3Air is designed to overcome all these issues. Purpose built, three wheel chassis allows for compact design and exceptional maneuverability (12.5′ Turning Radius). Global Sweepers are engineered to help our customers maintain and service our sweepers! Our electrical locker combines ease of access, but it also simplifies troubleshooting procedures. Our array of options allows us to build a street sweeper specific to customer needs and our single engine design includes low fuel consumption and low operating noise levels. The Global R3Air operates at 86 dBA while sweeping! Yes, sweep at night without waking up all the residents.

Key Features

  • 12.5’ turning radius
  • Cab-over design with unmatched visibility
  • Large 47” gutterbrooms designed to clean the curb
  • Large 32” diameter impeller
  • Unmatched access to the engine and sweeping components
  • Large 5.8 cubic yard hopper with access door 
  • 100% stainless steel hopper construction
  • Lots of power with excellent fuel efficiency

Global R3Air – 3-Wheel Regenerative Air Z Street Sweeper Brochure