Global V6Air – The Global “V” line of sweepers highlights key features that we believe are essential in modern street sweepers. Global “V” line Sweepers incorporate Patented VAS Technology that is not available on any other street sweepers today. The “V” line sweepers are engineered to include ultra low noise levels while sweeping, very high fuel efficiency, and highest water capacity combined with low water usage. We are proud to say that our sweepers are reliable, affordable, and innovative!

Key Features

  • Optimum volume flow and improved suction power
  • Noise reduction by up to 99 dBA
  • Twin tank solution provides for a total tank volume of 500 gallons of water
  • Modern drive concept
  • V-nozzle conveys the swept material directly into the suction pipe
  • Easily accessible operating panel
  • Wander hose with pneumatic support

Global V6Air Brochure