Maximizer 2B Asphalt Distributor – Applying a tack coat requires a sophisticated piece of equipment like the Rosco Maximizer 2B to ensure a uniform spray. The folding spray bar allows application without extensions and easily adjusts to provide even coverage of triple overlap fan spray patterns. Trusting in the proven reliability and solid performance that can only be found in a Viking asphalt pump coupled with our proprietary spraying algorithms, the Maximizer 2B yields long-lasting, top-notch performance for all application types.

Key Features

  • Circulating spray bar, 12’ standard
  • Viking asphalt pump, bi-directional
  • Computerized application control
  • Auto cleanout system
  • Thermostatically controlled burners 
  • Shifting spray bar

Job Application

  • Tack coating
  • Chip sealing/surface treating
  • Shoulder repairs
  • Fog sealing

LeeBoy Maximizer 2B Asphalt Distributor Brochure