Maximizer 3B Asphalt Distributor – With a larger fully circulating extending spray bar, the Rosco Maximizer 3B has the ability to cover a wide area in an extremely efficient manner. Admired by contractors and municipalities alike, this trusted machine always delivers an accurately consistent end result. With the aid of a large color monitor, operators can monitor vitals, oversee the variable width and rate control or engage the enviro-flush clean-out system among others. The Maximizer 3B is a highly versatile piece of equipment designed with the end-user in mind.

Key Features

  • Circulating spray bar, 8’ to 16’ variable
  • Viking asphalt pump, bi-directional
  • Computerized application control
  • Auto cleanout system
  • Thermostatically controlled burners

Job Application

  • Tack coating
  • Chip sealing/surface treating
  • Shoulder repairs
  • Fog sealing

LeeBoy Maximizer 3B Asphalt Distributor Brochure