RA-400 Patcher – The ultimate output of the RA-400, which is capable of correcting over 200 road defects in a single day by a single individual, has been deployed by contractors looking to maximize productivity while finding a cost-effective patching solution. The driver operated joystick performs a four-step spray injection process typically in less than one minute per repair. Including one of the largest emulsion tanks available in the market, the RA-400 patching boom extends and retracts providing a wide patching range with minimal required maintenance.

Key Features

  • One man operation
  • Wide, easy loading rockhopper
  • Patch-on-the-go system
  • Computerized material application rate control

Job Application

  • Road repair
  • Pothole patching
  • Shoulder erosion
  • Alligator cracking repair

LeeBoy RA-400 Patcher Brochure