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August Demo Days will feature Kärcher Municipal Street Sweepers and Holder C Series Tractors.

Kärcher street sweepers and Holder tractors will be available for demonstrations the week of August 14, 2023. Call Brad at 402.467.5988 to schedule a time or day for a free demo.

Kärcher Street Sweeping offers the highest standard of sweeping. Municipalities, service providers, and industrial clients find their ideal solutions in our wide range of Kärcher sweepers, with a broad spectrum of services and features ready to conquer your cleaning tasks all year round.

Holder Tractor C Series tractors are versatile, efficient, and maneuverable. True year-round heroes, the Holder B and C Series multi-functional implement carriers score points on all levels. They're comfortable while driving and operating, have a high power spectrum from 57–65 HP, and a mechanical PTO shaft.

Karcher Street Sweeper Holder Tractor

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