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Crack Sealer Equipment

Preserve and extend your pavement life. Infrastructure is your most expensive asset so make it last by developing a preventative maintenance plan. Studies indicate that for every dollar spent on maintenance, on average $7 is saved by extending pavement lifecycle. Fix any crack or pothole with our quality equipment lineup from Cimline.

How to start up and operate your Cimline M-Series
Crack Sealer

From crack preparation and sealing to pothole repair and emulsion storage, Rose Equipment has you covered. Let our experts work with you to establish or expand your Pavement Maintenance Program to include the following equipment needs.

Perfecting Your Pavement Preservation


Crack Preparation:

Preparation is the key to success with any process. A properly routed crack will last up to 3 times longer than just crack sealing alone. The SHRP report and others have proven that the preferred method for asphalt surfaces is 1.) create a reservoir for the sealant with an asphalt router, 2.) remove dirt and moisture with a Heat Lance and 3.) seal the crack with properly heated and applied rubberized crack sealant.

Crack Sealing:

Crack sealing is the first line of attack in pavement maintenance. Crack sealing programs should begin within 1 to 3 years on new pavement surfaces. The key to long pavement life is stopping subbase erosion from water penetration. Studies show that for best results, a quality hot-applied sealant should be used and properly heated and applied with a Magma Crack Sealer.

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Patching and Surface Repair:

Potholes are the most visible and complained about issue for our communities. Address this epidemic with Spray Injection Patching. Effective patching programs use treatments that repair the defect on the first application with speed and minimal labor. Studies prove spray injection is up to 10 times more effective than any other method at half the cost. Fix it once and fix it right with a Durapatcher Spray Injection.

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Efficient Emulsion Storage:

Become self-sufficient in your patching and chip seal programs by installing a stationary storage tank. Convenient access to properly heated emulsion is critical to streamline the short patching and chip-seal season. On-demand supply of emulsion keeps crews out working and not driving to the emulsion plant.

Cimline Magma Crack Sealers and Durapatcher Spray Injection help maintain your community's roads. For more product information, click the button below!

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