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Kärcher Holder Municipal

Whether on roads, paths or meadows, pedestrian areas, stadiums or parks, lines or rows: system vehicles from Kärcher Holder Municipal are designed for professional use in the toughest conditions and master multiple applications at the highest level with flexible articulated steering and customizable designs.

One Machine. Endless Possibilities.

Easy mix and match functions on one versatile piece of equipment with the MC 130 and C 70 by Kärcher Holder. These machines are perfect for a downtown city center, university or business campus, zoo, or park. Outfit your Kärcher Holder for all seasons maintenance as a street sweeper, broom, mower, snow plow, hedge trimmer, and more with customizable designs. Watch our exclusive equipment tours below for more information on the popular builds.

Multifunctional Municipal Equipment

Karcher Street Sweeper.jpg

MC 130 Municipal Street Sweeper

Your MC 130 is ready - at any time, all year round- as a professional vacuum sweeper and implement carrier. With a lifting force of up to 590 kilograms on the front linkage and payload of up to 1750 kilograms, the MC 130 can carry even the heaviest implements without problems. Even winter service is made simple.

MC 130 Street Sweeper Equipment Tour

Holder C Series.jpg
Holder C series snow1.jpg

Holder C 70 with Multifunctionality

Articulated Steering: Optimum maneuverability, accuracy, and directional stability guarantee alongside four wheel drive; the multifunctional-joystick makes for easy and ergonomic attachment operation

Three Attachment Areas: Versatile, multiple applications are simultaneously possible and easy to change in as little as 10 minutes

Mechanical PTO Shaft: Constant power transmission to attachments and an extremely high level of efficiency

C 70 Equipment Tour with Broom & Brine Function

C 70 Equipment Tour with Mower Function

Check out the MC 130 in action as it sweeps up downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. The articulated steering allows this agile machine to clean around and between tight corners and obstacles.

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