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Pacific Tek Excavator

Solving the problem in minutes is priceless... Every Pacific Tek Vacuum Excavator can non-destructively find utility lines and pipelines, clean out catch basins, and work with Pacific Tek Valve Exercisers. To aid in digging, water or air is used under low pressure to loosen up the dirt so that the Vacuum Excavator can vacuum the dirt into the Vacuum Excavator’s debris tank. 

With over 50 years of field experience, Pacific Tek offers several options on their vacuum excavator models and valve exerciser / valve operator units: hydraulic, gas or diesel drives and truck, trailer or skid mounted units with a variety of configurations! The large varieties of 8 different tank sizes allows us to have a vacuum system for every budget.​​

Reducing Risk with Vacuum Excavation

The Value of Vacuum Excavation


Vacuum Excavation, also known as "Potholing" or "Daylighting" is the process of using vacuum and sometimes an assisting process such as high pressure water jetting and high velocity air jetting to “suck” a hole in the ground.  The hole size can be from 4 to 12 inches in diameter and can be from 1 to 20 feet deep.   This process replaces manual or machine digging when there is the possibility of damage to anything in the underground vicinity of the area being uncovered.

With the number of utilities being run underground and the use of plastic pipe and conduit instead of heavier steel the risk of damage once a line is found by either a shovel or a backhoe is greatly increased.  Vacuum excavation greatly reduces this risk and is referred to as a “non-destructive” digging method. Once on top of a line or cable the vacuum tube simply cannot continue down and the line being sought is safely found.  This process is being used by gas companies, water and wastewater utilities, telephone companies, and underground contractors doing work for all of the above.

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Pacific Tek "Power Vac" PV500

This versatile piece of equipment has a wide set of applications including: dewatering holes/pits/vaults, debris/mud removal, potholing, keyholing, street repair, slot trenching, clean up after emergency rehabilitation, cleaning valve cans & vaults, suck up HDD drilling mud, industrial machine cleaning, storm drain cleanout, mulch and gravel removal, salt and sand removal, soil and wastewater removal, fragile landscape maintenance (e.g. Golf Courses) and car wash sump pit cleaning.

Watch the Pacific Tek in action with an exclusive equipment tour!

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