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Which Asphalt Paver Should I Get? How to Choose the Right Sized Paver for Any Job

It’s important to the success of your paving job to bring the appropriate asphalt paver to every project. Here’s what you need to know before you buy your next paver.

LeeBoy 8616D for Large Scale Asphalt Paving Projects

Which Asphalt Pavers Fit Your Needs and Budget?

When considering the purchase of an asphalt paver, contractors need to take many factors into consideration. The types of projects they will be completing most of the time will be a huge factor in

deciding what machine to use, but you also want to consider being able to handle larger projects. You’ll want to ask yourself, “What type of work do I want to grow into in 3-5 years?”

Buying a machine that will accommodate only small jobs will work well and cost less, but bigger, higher-paying jobs may not be suitable for the equipment. Conversely, if you buy more machine than you would ever use, then you will be paying for it and its requisite larger support equipment for years to come without a good return on investment.

What to Consider When Selecting an Asphalt Paver:

Here’s a breakdown of the types of projects contractors may complete in any given season and machines that would be best suited for your needs:

Asphalt Paver

1. Driveways, patchwork, or small paving projects - 1000G, 7000C

2. Specialty niche projects, municipal work, trench paving, cart or walking paths - 5300B

3. Driveways, medium commercial projects, side streets, access ramps - 8500 E

4. Large parking lots, subdivisions, and state roads - 8510E, 8515E, 6150

5. Large projects, state roads, industrial - 8520C, 8530, 8608

6. Large projects, state roads, highways - 8616D

Rose Equipment is here to help you pave new roads in Nebraska!

Download the "Choosing the Right Asphalt Paver" Brochure Below for More Info:

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Since 1970, Rose Equipment has been servicing Nebraska. We are a family business committed to the Nebraska way of life. Our dedicated employees continue to serve our customers faithfully, and we believe in local and serve local.

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