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How to Extend Your Pavement Life with Cimline Crack Sealing Equipment

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Preserve and extend your pavement life with quality crack sealing equipment. Infrastructure is your most expensive asset, so make it last by developing a preventative maintenance plan. Studies indicate that on average for every dollar spent on maintenance $7 is saved by extending the pavement lifecycle. Fix any crack or pothole with our quality equipment lineup from Cimline.

Benefits of Cimline Crack Sealing Machines:

  • Lowest load height in the pavement maintenance industry optimizes operator safety

  • Safer road crack sealing machine operation with noise levels up to 40% lower

  • Simplify training with easy-to-use automatic controls

  • Superior ergonomics with either the new M-Series Lightweight wand or Dripless wand and heated hose


  • Wide selection of models with up to a 410-gallon material capacity and several industry-leading options

  • Best operating range with Cimline’s no-stress boom swivel

  • Environmentally friendly and compliant Tier IV diesel engine that is high performance while maximizing fuel economy

  • Easy, ergonomic material loading with a large door and low loading height

  • Cimline has excellent flow control using Cimline’s digital flow control system

  • Cimline’s new heated hose has 66% greater heat wrap coverage than the previous hose

  • New Lightweight wand with best in class ergonomics for fatigue free all day crack sealing

  • Dripless wand delivers the utmost in material control when appearance and minimizing material waste is important

  • Asphalt repair, crack preparation, crack sealing, crack filling, patching, surfaces and making repairs

Used Crack Sealing Equipment
Used Crack Sealing Machines

Since 1970, Rose Equipment has been servicing Nebraska. We are a small family business committed to the Nebraska way of life. Our dedicated employees continue to serve our customers faithfully, and we believe in local and serve local. Call Brad at 402-467-5988 to find out more about the Cimline Crack Sealing Machines.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

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