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Looking for a new, used, or rental street sweeper? Global Street Sweeper Spotlight

Tough * Reliable * Built To Last

Reliable Durable Equipment * Innovative Engineering Design * Industry Leading Reputation

Dedicated Customer Service * Outstanding Sales Professionals * Fast Parts and Service

Global M3 Street Sweeper

The Global M3 is the Toughest Three-Wheel Street Sweeper in the Industry!

The Global "M" Purpose-Built LINE of street sweepers offers a unique perspective on maintenance. Our products are engineered to help our customers maintain and service our sweepers! Our electrical locker combines ease of access and simplifies troubleshooting procedures. Access to our elevator components and the engine is superb, and changing our gutter and pick-up broom takes less time than any other competitor’s unit. Our array of options allows us to build a street sweeper specific to customer needs, and our single-engine design includes low fuel consumption and quieter operating noise levels. The Global M3 operates at 76 dba while sweeping! Yes, sweeping at night without waking up all the residents.

Our Global M3 package pushes the envelope of comfort and safety! The 5-11 mph sweeping speed allows for very efficient operation. At the same time, the compact design and exceptional maneuverability (12.5' Turning Radius) offer the ability to sweep downtown areas and tight cul-de-sacs. Our M3 offers additional standard options not available on competitor units. Front full suspension, heavy sweep package, and hopper load leveling device with a hopper full indicator are all standard equipment and offer unbeatable performance and value. In addition, options such as AM/FM/CD radio, dual in-cab gutter broom tilt, air ride seat full front and rear suspension, and 100% stainless steel hopper with a lifetime warranty can be included to offer a superb sweeper that will outlast the competition.

Global "M" Purpose-Built Line of Sweepers offers unique options, sales features, and warranties.

Included as standard equipment!

  • We proudly offer Two(2)-Year Engine Warranties, a 1000-Hour Warranty for Dirt Shoes, and a 2000-Hour Elevator Sprocket Warranty.

  • Smooth hydrostatic drive system with infinite speed control while sweeping, offering speeds up to 11 mph in sweeping mode and Max Travel speed of up to 24 mph.

  • Heavy Sweep package can sweep sand and gravel up to 1 Ton every 20 Seconds!

  • Standard Hopper Load Leveling Device with In-Cab Hopper Full Indicator.

  • 5.6 cu/yd Hopper with high dump clearance up to 116”.

  • One of the largest Hoppers in the Industry!

  • Designed to offer easy access to the engine, pumps, and all hydraulic components, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

  • Optional PM-10 water system improves air quality.

  • High Visibility with Pressurized Cab and fingertip controls.

  • Single Engine Design offers great fuel and maintenance savings.

  • Rear View Camera with 7” LCD Monitor included.

  • Lease Purchase Options Available

Global M3 Electric Street Sweeper

Go Green with the Global M3 Electric Street Sweeper

Introducing the First Three-Wheel Heavy-Duty Plug-In 100% Electric Drive Rechargeable Street Sweeper

  • 12.5’ Turning Radius

  • Cab-Over Design with Unmatched Visibility

  • Large 47” Gutterbrooms Designed to Clean the Curb

  • High-Performance Sweeping Package

  • Unmatched Access to Sweeping Components

  • Large 5.6 Cubic Yard Hopper with Access Door

  • Zero Emission and 9 to 11 Hours of Operation Time

Global R3 Air Street Sweeper

Global R3 Air Regenerative Air Street Sweeper

Purpose-Built, Maneuverable, Powerful, Quiet, and Simple

  • 12.5’ Turning Radius

  • Cab-Over Design with Unmatched Visibility

  • Large 47” Gutterbrooms Designed to Clean the Curb

  • Large 32” Diameter Impeller

  • Unmatched Access to Engine and Sweeping Components

  • Large 5.8 Cubic Yard Hopper with Access Door

  • 100% Stainless Steel Hopper Construction

  • Lots of Power with Excellent Fuel Efficiency


Call Brad at 402-429-4332 to schedule a demo today. Since 1970 Rose Equipment has been servicing Nebraska. We are a small family business committed to the Nebraska way of life. Our dedicated employees continue to serve our customers faithfully, and we believe in local and serve local. Our mission is to help your community survive, so you can thrive.

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