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Our Newest Line: Pacific Tek for Vacuum Excavation, Hydro Excavation, Potholing, and Soft Digging

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Proudly made in the USA Since 1993, Pacific Tek has long established itself as an innovative pioneer in the Valve Exerciser / Valve Operator and Vacuum Excavator industry. With over 50 years of field experience, Pacific Tek founders have used their knowledge to create innovations, such as the Angled Vacuum Tank (1997) and 180° Swivel Mount Valve Exerciser / Valve Operator (1999), that are too often imitated but never duplicated! Pacific Tek offers several options on their hydro excavator models and valve exerciser/valve operator units: hydraulic, gas, or diesel drives and skid-mounted truck, trailer, or skid-mounted units with various configurations. With the option of 8 different tank sizes, we have a vacuum system for every budget.

Pacific Tek for Vacuum Excavation, Hydro Excavation, Potholing, and Soft Digging
Pacific Tek



  • Vacuum System on a small single or tandem axle trailer

  • Standard trailer configuration includes a Vacuum Excavator with an optional pressure washer system

  • Other add-ons include flood lights, remote start, hydraulic tool circuit, traffic director, & water heater


  • Telescoping Boom - Tank mounted (B)

  • Large-Drip-Pan

  • Reverse-Flow (R)

  • Flood Lamp Set

  • 200 Gallon Water Upgrade (W200)

  • Vacuum excavators can be truck or trailer-mounted and range in size from 250 – 1200 gallons

  • Systems include a pressure washer with multiple nozzles and two pick-up and digging tools

  • Most models available in 525 CFM or 825 CFM

  • Option for air excavation with compressor and air-spade

Potholing with Pacific Tek Vacuum Excavator Power Vac:

Custom Designs:

All Pacific Tek equipment is available for custom applications or a la carte. Based on the customer's needs, we can design a custom rig from the chassis up for valve maintenance and hydro excavation.

Since 1970, Rose Equipment has been servicing Nebraska. We are a small family business committed to the Nebraska way of life. Our dedicated employees continue to serve our customers faithfully, and we believe in local and serve local. Call Brad at 402-467-5988 to find out more about the Pacific Tek.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

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