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We Are Nebraska’s #1 LeeBoy Dealer for Asphalt Equipment.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

LeeBoy is the premier manufacturer of American-made paving equipment and is committed to providing dependable and industry-best equipment solutions for road-maintenance needs. Here at Rose Equipment, in Lincoln, Nebraska, we are proud to e Nebraska's ONLY LeeBoy dealer! We believe in their products and are excited to introduce you to some of the LeeBoy's machinery on our lot!

Sleek, modern and low-profile are three words that immediately come to mind when evaluating the LeeBoy 8515E Asphalt Paver. Featuring an engine hood height of 69 inches (1.75 m) and a sliding control station, the 8515E gives the operator an extremely clear and comfortable view of their surroundings. With a class-leading tunnel size and self-cleaning, conveyor bars, this machine is built to perform at the highest level. Easy-to-access, convenient maintenance areas are also a highlight of machine ownership. View more asphalt pavers at LeeBoy

With a larger, fully circulating extending spray bar, the Rosco Maximizer 3B has the ability to cover a wide area in an extremely efficient manner. Admired by contractors and municipalities alike, this trusted machine always delivers an accurately consistent end result. With the aid of a large color monitor, operators can monitor vitals, oversee the variable width and rate control or engage the enviro-flush cleanout system, among others. The Maximizer 3B is a highly versatile piece of equipment designed with the end user in mind. View more asphalt distributor trucks at LeeBoy

The ultimate output of the RA-400, which is capable of correcting over 200 road defects in a single day by a single individual, has been deployed by contractors looking to maximize productivity while finding a cost-effective patching solution. The driver-operated joystick performs a four-step spray injection process typically in less than one minute per repair. Including one of the largest emulsion tanks available in the market, the RA-400 patching boom extends and retracts, providing a wide patching range with minimal required maintenance. See more at LeeBoy

Perfect for the all-inclusive commercial paving contractor, the L600 Tack Distributor provides a large-sized tank for projects, including parking lots, patching, driveways, or soil stabilization. Daily tasks can be easily completed using the trouble-free gas-powered engine and the proven, reliable, user-friendly design. Uniquely configurable, the customizable options allow the contractor to create a solution specific to their exact needs. See more Tack Distributors at LeeBoy

Call Brad at 402-467-5988 to get more information or schedule a demo.

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