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SAKAI Asphalt Rollers

Roads must be built. Worlds must be connected. Efficient compaction with various vibratory modes and articulated steering, Sakai machines are easy for operators to control, affordable for equipment managers to maintain, deliver superior finishing results, and are built for a long life.

Paving the Way with SAKAI

SAKAI's new ECO Compaction Mode (ECM) reduces fuel consumption up to 37%. Built in safety standards prevent accidental starts and each machine has a quality emergency brake pedal.

Rolling on In

SAKAI 654.jpg

Vibratory Tandem Roller SW654

Innovative Compaction Technologies with high frequency vibration achieves the desired density faster and more efficiently while creating a smoother finish. "B model" split drum model is also equipped with high frequency vibration and operates easily in tight corners without pushing or shoving the material. On the "ND" model" the operator can easily switch both drums between oscillatory vibration for thin lift and normal vibration for thick layer compaction depending on the job conditions.

SAKAI 504.png

Vibratory Combined Rollers SW/TW504

The all-drum drive, articulated steering, compact size combination type vibrating roller has the best compaction quality and efficiency. No DPF or Regen necessary, excellent gradeability, and high-low amplitude selector switch on the TW504 allows for use in wider applications. 

The pneumatic tires provide kneading effect for smooth surface finish.

SAKAI 354.jpg

Vibratory Tandem Rollers SW/TW354

Perfect for small to medium asphalt jobs like driveway paving, parking lot paving, city roads, county roads, highway shoulders, widening projects, road maintenance, and patch work. The SW354 features 47″ double drums and makes for quick but accurate work with 10 impacts-per-foot at 4,000 VPM. The Kubota diesel engine is completely mechanical: NO DPF and NO DEF, saving maintenance cost and time. Operators prefer the combination of super quiet operation, rubber isolated deck & drum vibration, easy visibility to drum edges, and a comfortable waterproof wide bench seat. Additionally, the versatility, maneuverability, and minimal maintenance needs of this asphalt roller makes it ideal as a rental unit.

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