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Street Sweepers

Keeping your streets clean is no longer a chore! We offer equipment with uncompromising performance, consistent quality, durability, and reliability. With a comprehensive range of machines by Global Environmental Products, we have the right cleaning equipment for all your city's needs. Our street sweepers are maneuverable, powerful, and quiet with the best turning radius and exceptional cabin visibility.

Tough, reliable, and built to last, Global Street Sweepers are designed with unprecedented safety standards and the lowest operating cost per swept mile compared to competative units. Check out our top sellers below.

Cleaning Your Streets is No Longer a Chore

Global R3 Air Street Sweeper

Global R3 Regenerative Air Sweeper

The ultimate performance and agility, from the modern, comfortable and well appointed operator's cab, to the toughest and most rugged Regenerative-Air Type sweeping system ever built, the Global R3AIR is designed to take on the worst of the worst sweeping conditions. The performance matched 32" Suction Fan, powerful gutterbrooms, and 72" Wide Pick-Up Head provide superior sweeping of all heavy debris quickly and efficiently. The purpose-built chassis is based on four decades of experience in designing the most effective, and safe, street sweepers in the industry. The 116-inch wheelbase allows for the sweeper to reach a turning radius of 12 1/2' wall-to-wall. With the Pickup Head in the center, you don't have to worry about what is happening behind you. Global R3AIR is the only 3 Wheel Air Type Street Sweeper in the market that can be utilized virtually anywhere.

Global M3

The Global M3 is the toughest Three-Wheel Sweeper in the industry. It is a purpose built street sweeper designed with reliability, unprecedented safety, low maintenance, ease of use, and the lowest operating cost per swept mile comapred to competative unites. The Glob M3 offers enhanced features not found in any othe rThree-Wheel sweeper including an amazing 12.5 foot turning radius, low center of gravity, exceptional visibility and the largest hopper capacity in its class. For best performance Global M3 includes 120-HP Cummins Tier 4 Flnal engine, largest in its class, offers superior fuel-efficinecy and powerful sweeping system.

Global M3 Street Sweeper
Global electric.jpg

Global M3 Electric

Ultimate performance with ZERO EMISSIONS, the only heavy-duty plug-in electric street sweeper in the USA. The Global M3 Electric is designed to take on the worst of the worst sweeping conditions with environmental sustainability at the forefront. This is the only heavy-duty plug-in electric street sweeper in the USA! With a Standard Heavy-Duty Sweeping Package, it will sweep sand and gravel up to 3-Tons per Minute. The sweeping speed of 3-11 mph allows for a very efficient operation in addition to the 12.5' turning radius. Because it is powered by electricity, the Global M3 Electric is quiet. The large batteries in the all electric system will last for up to 11 hours of operation. With a 10 Year Life Span, the Batteries are designed to last and will not have to be replaced. Standard (9-11 hours to recharge) and Supercharging Systems (4 hours to recharge) available. All electric propulsion system eliminates transmissions and reduces maintenance. No diesel engine and no DPF system allows for lower total cost of operation.

Global Environmental Products

Our partners are always on the leading edge, innovating and experimenting to bring you the best heavy equipment options for your community. Keep your Nebraska town or city clean with a Global Street Sweeper today.

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